M134 Mission Upgrade Kits

The Profense™ M134 Mission Upgrade Kit (MUK) provides operators with legacy weapon systems (GAU-2, GAU-17, MK44 or M134 [all variants]) the opportunity to extend product life and enhance mission performance with a fully interchangeable upgrade kit to these existing systems. A low cost alternative upgrading key aspects of the weapon, the Profense™ M134 MUK is designed to be a complete plug-n-play solution. The MUK consists of:

Profense™ Delinking Feeder System PF: 3900
Profense™ Multi-Functional GCUPF: 7000-1
Profense™ Spade Grip AssemblyPF: 4600
Profense™ Single-Tang Bolt AssemblyPF: 1650
Profense™ Aeroclamp Flash Suppressor PF: 1470
Nobles™ Composite Feed Chute PF: 55351
Profense™ Environmental Feed Chute CoverPF: 55352

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