M134 Mounting Options

Profense™ designs, manufactures and integrates a variety of mounting systems capable of supporting any mission requirement for all air, land or sea platforms. Our staff engineers and technicians can rapidly design and produce tailored system that will withstand the challenges of a harsh tactical environment.

Platforms presently supported by Profense are:

  • H-60™ Medium Lift Helicopter
  • B412™ Medium Lift Helicopter
  • AB212™ Medium Lift Helicopter
  • MI-17™ Heavy Lift Utility Helicopter
  • EC532™ Medium Lift Helicopter
  • Otokar Cobra™ Ground Vehicle
  • AM General HMMWV™ Ground Vehicle
  • LENCO BearCat G5™ Ground Vehicle
  • Terradyne™ Tactical Vehicle
  • Riggid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIB)
  • Fast Interceptor Boats
  • Pick-Up Trucks (Various Chassis)
  • VIP Security Vehicles (Various Chassis)

For more information about Profense M134 mounting configurations and options please Contact Us.

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